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The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted swift and radical changes in e-learning adoption locally and globally. Most, if not all, teachers explored and experimented with new teaching practices during emergency remote teaching (ERT). In this regard, learning opportunities are not confined to brick-and-mortar education but are expanded with greater spatial and temporal flexibility. Against this backdrop, this inter-institutional project, "Establishing Effective Virtual Teaching Strategies to Support Learning Beyond the Classroom," led by Prof. Paul Lam and collaborated with three partnering institutions, is established to delve into what virtual teaching and learning (VTL) strategies have been adopted to transcend learning for students in Higher Education in Hong Kong. The project investigates three areas of technology-enhanced initiatives, including new learning venues, inter-disciplinary and intercultural learning, as well as extra-curricular activities. Good practices were collected from teachers from a wide range of disciplines across four universities and were at the disposal of the wider teaching and learning communities ( This project is generously supported by the UGC fund of the Inter-institutional Collaborative Activities for Virtual Teaching and Learning.

Offline exhibition: 

Date: 14 to 22  December 2022 noon

Venue: 1/F Foyer, Lee Shau Kee Building, CUHK

Online exhibition venue:

Poster available for downloads: 



Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2022 Poster Exhibition

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