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Application of Virtual Reality (VR) to field trip learning

Updated: Apr 21

Case example

Teacher: Dr. Ervi Liusman

Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)


In the discipline of real estate, field trips are essential for students to develop their sense of three-dimensional space and observation skills. Physical field trips notwithstanding are difficult to be arranged due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing policy. To enhance students’ learning experience, Dr. Ervi Liusman, Lecturer of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at CUHK, created three sets of VR trails, including a VR video of the Central Business District, a VR360 panorama tour of the Peak Galleria and the Central Market. Students can roam around virtually to observe the places.

The VR trails have supported both undergraduate and postgraduate classes. Students are required to complete a pre-test before exploration of the VR trails. A post-test is conducted to examine students’ performance. Drawing on the post-test result, it is inspiring to see that the VR trails are effective to enhance students’ understanding. Dr. Liusman pointed out that VR trails not only provide a more immersive experience than that of PowerPoint slides, but also allow more flexibility for teaching. When universities resume face-to-face classes, the VR trails are used as flipped classroom materials. Students are asked to first watch the VR at home, and followed by a post-test before a physical field trip. When asked if she would continue to produce VR trails, Dr. Liusman replied that she would love to continue to create more VR trails when she identified a good source and with support of fundings. She also encouraged other educators to be brave to try if they believe the VR trails can benefit student learning. Besides the adoption of VR in her courses, Dr. Liusman is eager to share the VR materials with colleagues across universities and secondary schools.

A Walk in CBD & Wanchai District:

Peak Galleria: Peak Galleria (

Central Market: Central Market (

Physical field trips are difficult to be arranged for undergraduate students due to the social distancing policy and conflicting schedules. But VR trails provide an remarkable opportunities for students to learn anytime, anywhere.


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